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Allocation / Distribtution and Allotment of Apartments

  1. Among 75% of the Apartment shall be allotted to the Federal Government Employees on " First come First serve basis" and every employee has option to apply for any type of apartment subject to availability on date of booking.
  2. 25% of the total apartments is allocated for the general public on first come first serve basis.
  3. Process of allotment:
    1. After the receipt of application forms complete in all respects along with booking amount as mentioned in the Application Form from all the eligible applicants, the apartment will be provisionally allotted through first come first serve basis based on Employee’s Membership Drive Number registered With FGEHF or as per the quotas based on date of birth for categories where membership is not required.
    2. The list of successful applicants will be displayed at EHFPRO Office as well as on EHFPRO & FGEHF web-site within two months of the formal closure of the scheme. The successful applicants shall also be duly informed through provisional allotment letter.
    3. Objection, if any,  will be entertained within one month of the display of list of successful applicants. No objection after that would be entertained and the decision of EHFPRO Board will be binding.
    4. The allotment of apartment shall be confirmed upon receipt of balance down payment as mentioned in the Provisional Allotment letter based upon which a formal contract for sale of apartment shall be executed.
    5. In case of nonpayment of aforesaid balance down payment within the period as specified in the provisional allotment letter, the booking money shall be forfeited & provisional allotment letter shall be cancelled and the apartment shall be offered to other applicants.
    6. In case the requested floor is not available, Authority reserves the right to shift the apartment to the nearest available option (through balloting).
    7. Illegible entries, incomplete or photo state copies of application will not be entertained.
    8. The applicant must specify the quota against which he / she is eligible to apply. Please note that EHFPRO/FGEHF reserves the right to amend the specified quota in the best interest of the Project.
    9. All the decisions of the EC/BOD of the FGEHF/EHFRO shall be binding on the applicant/allotee.